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BIC Kayak Collection

From easy to use Sit-On-Tops to lightweight inflatables, our 2017 collection has something to suit every skill level and style of paddling.
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BIC SUP Collection

Whether you’re a total beginner, top level pro, zen master or surf seeker, BIC SUP has a full range of boards for 2017 to suit all skills and all styles.
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BIC Windsurf Collection

Our Windsurf Collection consists of four series of boards concentrating on a limited number of models: TECHNO, NOVA, BEACH and SUP WIND
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BIC Surf Collection

Debuting this year is the new PAINT Softboard range, featuring six colorful, fun and comfy shapes, ranging from 4’11’’ to 8’0’’, designed to give anyone the opportunity to have a go at surfing!
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O'Pen BIC Collection

Designed specifically for kids, the O’pen BIC is a true glide machine for real excitement on the water. The O’pen BIC, with its modern and powerful rig, is a fast boat, quick to respond, self-bailing, and is fitted by the best marine hardware manufacturers.
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BIC Boat Collection

Used as tenders for boats and for fishing, the Sportyak 213 and Sportyak 245 are more stable, more durable and lighter than the classical dinghies thanks to their particular hull and the technology used to make them.
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BIC SuperFrog Collection

Designed by top class shapers, SuperFrog boards are made with a new light weight Epoxy/fibreglass laminated polystyrene core lighter and having vastly superior mechanical qualities, delivering a much better feel on the water.
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EARTH Surf Collection

Our new EARTH Surf range uses techniques and materials that respect the environment in which they are used: Flax fiber, Paulownia wood, Matt Varnish-Free finish, Woodcore fins. Results are surprisingly light, beautiful and robust boards with a natural matt wooden finish.
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EARTH SUP Collection

EARTH SUP is a new Paddleboard range of products which, wherever possible and feasible, aim to build and source our gear with construction techniques and materials that respect the environment.