10’6″ PERFORMER AIR EVO x 33” Pack + FREE Delivery

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Performer: Flat-Water Fun & Surfing.

Ideal for people with limited storage space.Travelers who want to fly with their equipment. Schools and Rental Operations with limited storage.

Complete packages include paddle, leash, backpack, pump w/gauge, and repair kit Flat Water and Surfing Performance, Easy to Transport and Store.


  • Versatile shapes for all-round use or touring.
  • Board thickness according to intended function. Performer with 4”3/4 thickness for thinner rails and better surfing, improved stability due to lower center of gravity.
  • Ultra-light construction = easy to carry.
  • Bottom stringer improves stiffness vs. traditional inflatables.
  • Deck bungee cord for storing gear.
  • Carry handles at nose, tail, and center.
  • Performer : Embossed EVA deck pad is plush and comfortable while offering excellent traction.

Includes paddle, 11' leash, oversize backpack, heavy duty 2-way pump with pressure gauge and repair kit.

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