7’0″ Hydro Fish SF

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Four Gérard Dabbadie signature shapes make up this range that combines versatility with performance.

From 6'0″ to 7'0″ (for each size of rider a board to suit !), the Hydro Fish are for riders looking for a board that's shorter than a longboard or mini-mal, without dropping down to a shortboard.

The Hydro Fish have enough volume for an easy take-off, good manoeuvrability and board speed. They're fitted with FCS Thruster M5 fins.
Designed by top class shapers, they’re made with a new light weight Epoxy/fibreglass laminated polystyrene core. This technique differs from the more traditional polyester/fibreglass around a polyurethane core by being lighter and having vastly superior mechanical qualities, delivering a much better feel on the water.

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